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(Because one didn't seem to have started this year, and I admit to wanting very much to participate in one of these challenges!)
Presenting the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016!

The Steps:
1. Prompt the fandom/pairing/situation of your heart, preferably in the following format: fandom, character/pairing, prompt word/sentence. .
2. Find a prompt by someone else (or heck, your own) that catches your interest.
3. Fill the prompt in no more than three sentences. (NB: This is really more of a guideline
4. Revel in reading the (hopefully large) amounts of fics thereby produced.

Date: 2016-03-18 01:32 am (UTC)
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Jessica Jones (TV), Jessica, Goddamn right you should be scared of me/Who is in control?
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From: [personal profile] angenoir
Jessica dragged the back of her hand across her mouth, smearing red over her pale skin, and she turned around. Her knuckles were bruised and cut, blood dripped from a slice on her forehead to gum her eyelashes together, and her teeth are stained red from one-too-many punches in the mouth, but her opponents are down, and they are not getting up any time soon.

She turns around to the girl she heard screaming, the reason she ducked into this alley in the first place, only to have the teenager shrink away, eyes wide and terrified, and Jessica can't help but smile bitterly - what else did she expect?
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From: [personal profile] saiditallbefore
Oooh, I like the direction you took this. Very creepy! Nicely done!


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